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A free open source utility, ProjectSend is a file sharing software.

What is ProjectSend

A client oriented file uploading utility, ProjectSend is a small but efficient software. ProjectSend provides easy and secure multi-file uploading and unlimited file size on ANY server! Clients are created and assigned a username and a password. Then you can upload as much files as you want under each account, with the ability to add a title and description to each one. Even on common hostings shared accounts. When the client logs in, he will see a web page that contains your company logo, and a sortable list of every file uploaded under his name, with description, time, date, etc. It also works as a history of "sent" files. They can check the differences between versions, the time that it took to do that, and so on. Additional benefits include saving hundreds of mb. on email accounts since every file remains on your server until you decide to delete it, and they can be accessed from any browser anywhere.

Why use Truehoster Unlimited Hosting?


You can easily update your application from inside the cPanel.


We use mod_security to add an extra layer of security on top of your web application.


With TrueHoster, you get the same application and configuration regardless of the hosting you are deploying ProjectSend to. This makes it easy to migrate between different servers using cPanel.

ProjectSend Truehoster Unlimited Hosting