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MyBB is a free and open source forum software built in PHP, with many features and support for multiple languages.

What is MyBB

Developed by the MyBB Group, the MyBB free bulleting board has been built with flexibility and simplicity in mind. Built in PHP, MyBB is free and open source, very rich in features and with support for many languages. Using a standard discussion board structure, your visitors will feel familiar with the way MyBB looks and functions. They can easily access and use the forum structure to publish or edit their content. A moderation panel is also available, to help the moderators team keep everything clean and in order.

Why use Truehoster Unlimited Hosting?


You can easily update your application from inside the cPanel.


We use mod_security to add an extra layer of security on top of your web application.


With TrueHoster, you get the same application and configuration regardless of the hosting you are deploying MyBB to. This makes it easy to migrate between different servers using cPanel.

MyBB Truehoster Unlimited Hosting