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Create an online shop fast with ShopWare.

What is Shopware

A very flexible yet powerful software, ShopWare is a customizable script that allows you to quickly and easily create an online shop, regardless of your store requirements. Shopware is based on novel eCommerce technologies, provides highly innovative marketing tools and includes integrated SEO functionalities, all of which are the basis for any successful online business. An intuitive interface and simple-to-use backend make the software the optimal choice for users, as well as designers, developers and decision makers.

Why use Truehoster Unlimited Hosting?


You can easily update your application from inside the cPanel.


We use mod_security to add an extra layer of security on top of your web application.


With TrueHoster, you get the same application and configuration regardless of the hosting you are deploying Shopware to. This makes it easy to migrate between different servers using cPanel.

Shopware Truehoster Unlimited Hosting